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Our Story

According to Sandy:

I had been on the Coffee Meets Bagel dating app for 2 years and had been on a date or two, but no luck. I was going to delete the app to focus on finding a job since I had just completed my Master program. The week I was going to delete the app, Andrew's profile came across my match list. I thought I should give a white guy a try, he seemed harmless and nerdy from the photos on his profile.

I checked yes and waited for a message. Dude did not message me. But then I figured I should say hi anyways. He said hi and then nothing. I waited until the last day and gave it another try and said hi again. He messaged back and apologized that he hadn't seen my message and told me to message him on his personal number.

We talked Monday and that Friday met up.

When we met up, Andrew was not what I expected. He was not the nerdy white boy. He was this 6 feet 2 tall bulky man who drove this gigantic green Ford truck. I thought this is it, this is what I get for agreeing to meet a white guy from the internet, I was going to die and be on the 11 clock news. Later in the night, his car even stalled in the underground parking lot, and then for the second time that night, I thought I was going to die.

At the end of the night, when we parted ways and drove home, realizing that this dude is heading in the same direction as me, I thought for the third time that night, I was going to die. Turns out, Andrew and I live on the same street, just blocks away from each other.

Despite my initial shock, we had a great time. Who would have thought that we could talk for hours! And it's been going pretty well ever since.

According to Andrew:

I was asked by a friend/coworker to join a dating app, “Coffee Meets Bagel”, so they can get more “Bagels”. According to that site’s rules, you are only allowed one profile view (Bagel) a day, however, if you have recruited friends to join, you get more bagels. Since I was single and have always loved looking at online dating profiles I said “sure”. Even though I wasn’t really interested in a dating life as I was working on a business plan and had no time.

So after about a month, one of my Bagels I matched with apparently messaged me. And if you are matched, you only get a week to communicate through the app. Since I never got any notifications on my phone or email, I had no idea. On the last day of our app’s communication, I noticed her follow-up messages. We chatted, and I would go a while without responding, so I just said “Screw it, give me your number so I can get notifications.”

After having a couple days of great conversations, I decided to ask her to go with me to my friend's gala that Saturday. But just to make sure I wasn't inviting a crazy person to my friend's big event, I insisted on having our first meeting the night before. She said yes to both. So after she got off of work, I took her to my site visit meeting at Skyspace in Downtown LA. I thought that might impress her. After that, we were hungry and she wanted Japanese food.

After walking to the nearest Japanese restaurant, we found out that it was closed. So I just insisted we walk to another restaurant that looks good. After about 10 minutes of walking, we came across an Irish pub restaurant and a Bougie style restaurant. She immediately halted and said, “Look! I’m hungry, we are going here or here, otherwise DATE’S OVER.” It was my first encounter with Sandy’s hangry moods (but definitely not the last).

So we went into the Irish Pub and had an amazing conversation. She spoke with such honesty and passion that I was captivated by her. That captivation never stopped.

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