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Andrew & Sandy are GETTING MARRIED!!!

We are so excited for you to be a part of our special day.

Our Story

According to Andrew:

A friend of his was on an online dating site, Coffee Meets Bagel, and needed friends to join in order to be able to see more profiles, so Andrew signed up. Andrew saw Sandy's profile and "swiped right". Problem is, he forgot about it. Sandy saw a nerdy "otaku" white boy from his comic con pictures that he used as a profile and was like "ehhhh, maybe?" and swiped right. But then Andrew never responded to the match (you only had 7 days to respond and that was it). So Sandy sent out aggressive messages along the lines of "you better respond..." and at the eleventh hour on the 6th day, he did.

From then on, they had wonderful conversations, a fun and unique first date, and wonderful memories.

According to Sandy:

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