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Dealer Time

Dealers Wanted for Casino Parties in Southern California. If interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below:

    Your name (required)

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    Phone number, including area code (required)

    In which city do you reside? (required)

    Which companies have you worked with in the past/present?

    Which games can you deal? (select all that apply)

    We also have a dedicated delivery crew, are you willing to do setup and/or delivery (must have valid driver's license for delivery?

    We require all of our employees to provide proof of vaccination. Will you able to provide proof? (required)

    Were you referred to by one of our dealers? If so, who? (Writing here entitles this dealer to a bonus after your first worked event)

    Anything else we need to know? Any special skills or experience that you have?

    Royal Flush Casino Events is in the business of offering quality entertainment to our clients and their guests.

    We are always on the lookout for friendly and reliable people who enjoy dealing casino games while keeping it fun for everyone.

    Royal Flush Casino Events hires employees, NOT independent contractors.  We offer our employees competitive pay and you will receive a check at the end of each night you work with us!

    If you live in Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Lake Elsinore, Palm Springs, Temecula, Ventura, and Santa Barbara and would like to deal for us, please email us:  your phone number, any experience (what games you can deal), and city you live in.  We will follow up with you and likely add you to our roster.  We prefer booking local dealers for any event and we have events all across Southern California.

    If you don’t have any experience or wish to learn more advanced games, we offer training to help you deal any casino games we have. Since we are doing our part in reducing the spread of Covid-19, we strongly prefer all of our dealers be fully vaccinated. We want to do our part in ensuring that our guests and employees learn and work in a safe, fun environment.

    Hourly pay rates (based on knowledge):

    Know craps and all games – $30/hr – $120 (minimum pay is for 4 hours)

    Know most of the games – $25/hr – $100 (minimum pay is for 4 hours)

    Pay is significantly higher in December.

    In addition to your hourly rate, working an event that is far away may include a mileage bonus, even if you carpool (must be listed on staffing site to qualify):

    50-75 miles one way: $30 for mileage

    75+ miles one way: $60 for mileage

    Now, let’s have some moments of clarity. We are an above board, very fair company. Please see the list of examples of how other companies may be breaking the law:

    If you know of a company that steals tips, or claims the tips are for the “company service” and not to the workers. – They are breaking the law.

    If you know of a company that takes credit card fees from your tips. – They are breaking the law (in California).

    If you know of a company that demands you show up for a dealer meeting that takes place BEFORE your shift starts. – They are breaking the law.

    If you know of a company that demands you all must break down off the clock. – They are breaking the law.

    If you know of a company that has required uniforms, you use their equipment, and you answer to their supervisors/staff, but they call you an independent contractor. – They are breaking the law.

    That last one is very common, but it drastically saves the company money and does not help you as much as you may think. There are overtime laws, worker’s comp, worker’s rights, and payroll taxes that companies that hide under “independent contractors” are exempt from.

    If any of these are familiar, you need to address them immediately. If there is refusal, there are plenty of lawyers who are willing to take up your case on contingency. The only way all of our conditions get better is if we all stand up. If these conditions are demanded, we all will have better working conditions, better worker protections, and better pay.

    Thank you and I look forward to working with you all towards a more prosperous future.

    Andrew Holcomb

    Managing Partner

    Royal Flush Casino Events

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